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Evaluating and supporting market penetration of electric vehicles


The market for electric vehicles (EVs) varies across jurisdictions. While sales of EVs currently represent a small fraction of overall vehicle sales, there is significant future potential. Government policies and programs need to keep pace with, or lead, consumer demand while factoring in consumer concerns.


We undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the current state, including inventorying the roles, responsibilities, interactions and timelines for implementing long and short stream construction projects. We assessed from planning through to start-up and obtained feedback on the needs and wants of key stakeholders such as regulators, the municipality, contractors, residential and business customers.

To forecast likely uptake of EVs and predict the ‘tipping point,’ The Strategic Counsel undertook several surveys via online panels among consumers who are current vehicle owners and those who have recently purchased or intend to purchase a new vehicle. Surveys gauged the relative impact of incentives and other motivators, as well as issues or barriers including the extent and placement of charging stations, specifically within major urban areas.


Findings were applicable to government policy-makers, those designing programs to promote EV take-up and/or responsible for the installation of charging stations, and development of the fee structure and payment options for charging sessions.

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