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The key challenge for associations and not-for-profit organization is keeping core to their primary purpose while maintaining relevance and staying current with their sector and membership. From a research perspective this necessitates a balance between measuring key performance indicators in support of the core mandate, and understanding specific and emerging issues that may influence these KPIs.

The Strategic Counsel has long-standing relationships with associations and not-for-profits in key sectors such as financial services, health care, and the arts. We have ensured that these organizations maintain a foundation and long-term perspective on their core mandate performance and primary audience perceptions and expectations, and have facilitated understanding of emerging trends and issues, and impact of significant events within or affecting their sectors. Using these insights and data points, we’ve supported these organizations in developing the policies, programs, services or products that serve their members and audiences and reinforce their relevance and leadership in their fields, and in designing the communications strategies that drive awareness and support.

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