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In the fast-moving and competitive information, technology and media sectors, companies cannot afford to be complacent. When new offerings risk being eclipsed within weeks of their launch, market research is an indispensible tool for building and securing market share, fast.

Whether launching a new device, defending a service against competitive pressures, or seeking capital or customers, astute telecom, technology and media companies rely on market research to target communications, segment their audiences and refine messages.

The Strategic Counsel has a wealth of experience working with service providers, technology companies, media and broadcast organizations and the many innovators that serve them. We bring sophisticated proprietary models and customized tools to bear to serve the demanding research needs of these dynamic sectors.

We can help you assess end-user needs; analyse the existing market; evaluate purchase intent, loyalty and customer engagement; determine if target customers understand how or why to use your technology or service; and discover what it will take to persuade them of the benefits.

Case Studies
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