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Redesigning communications processes and protocols to ensure compliance, accountability and customer focus


One of North America’s largest utilities was implementing a multi-billion dollar capital construction program to modernize aging infrastructure. They needed to align its business units and internal processes to drive stronger compliance and greater integration.


We undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the current state, including inventorying the roles, responsibilities, interactions and timelines for implementing long and short stream construction projects. We assessed from planning through to start-up and obtained feedback on the needs and wants of key stakeholders such as regulators, the municipality, contractors, residential and business customers.

One-on-one interviews and workshops were conducted with internal and external stakeholders to map out key processes, milestones, gaps and opportunities for streamlining. A series of customer surveys and focus groups were conducted to benchmark and pilot communications.


Our review resulted in three clear deliverables: an actionable set of KPIs intended to advance internal alignment between operations and communications; a fully-costed business case for enhanced customer communications; and guidelines to ensure timely, high impact communications.

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