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From product evaluation and brand tracking to advertising and customer satisfaction research, we bring highly relevant experience to the Retail and Hospitality sectors. We help companies to refine the positioning of their existing products and services as well as develop and launch new ones.

The issues facing the Retail and Hospitality sectors are complex and increasingly political. At the same time, consumers are more educated and discerning of the products they want, the food they want to eat and how products and food are produced. Organizations in these sectors face issues related to the environment, carbon emissions, GMOs, the humane treatment of animals, pesticides use, ethical production and fair trade to name a few.

Through research, The Strategic Counsel, seeks to bring clarity to our clients – helping them to understand the political and social environment that affects consumers and the decisions they make. In doing so, we can help identify strategies on how best to market within the context of this growing consumer consciousness.

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