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Advertising Research is essential to assess the individual or cumulative impact of traditional or new media. The Strategic Counsel offers a full array of Advertising Research tools, including testing and tracking, for both qualitative and quantitative research.

We approach each campaign as unique and develop a research design to meet a campaign’s specific advertising research needs. We do this either for a short-run or an on-going, 52-week flight.

Quantitative advertising testing includes:

  • Pre-testing of advertising concepts
  • Pre- and post-advertising tracking or continuous tracking to measure:
    • awareness and recall (unaided, unprompted, prompted);
    • brand link; likeability, believability;
    • message comprehension and retention;
    • specific advertisement diagnostics;
    • purchase intent;
    • performance against GRPs/media buy;
    • performance against competitor advertising

Qualitative advertising testing includes:

  • Platform and Strategy development
  • Creative concept development
  • Concept and Advertising pre-testing
Case Studies
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