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Developing a vision for primary care delivery


A heath care association wanted to enable members to share and discuss best practices, challenges, and potential changes in the delivery of the primary care. Moreover, they wanted to engage in a conversation about role of the association and develop a common vision for the delivery of primary care.


We partnered on the creation of an online and in-person consultation tool that engaged members in different ways and in an iterative fashion. We consulted with members on the following issues: delivery model, access to primary care, role of the GP, practice autonomy, work-life balance, and patient responsibility.


The results of the research helped to clarify a path forward for the association by defining the issues, challenges and opportunities. Our considerable experience in the healthcare sector greatly facilitated our ability to cut through technical dialogue and content, get at the heart of the issues, and translate the conversation into meaningful themes that the association could build their vision upon.

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