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Pinpointing customer service problems


A large North American bank believed it was mismanaging the customer experience in its mortgage acquisition process and losing ground to the competition. The client needed to make a business case to executive management to support the need to transform internal processes and enhance the customer experience.


The Strategic Counsel helped the client to understand that mortgages were not simply a product. They are a life event for customers and a pivotal aspect of the real estate market. We created a journey map to correlate each task in the real estate purchase process with the associated emotions and rational decisions. This allowed us to identify process improvements and business solutions that would map to the process’ emotional drivers.

By understanding the mortgage product and process within the context of the real estate business, we identified the need to demonstrate an understanding of the mortgage category from the perspective of other key players and the opportunity to create a branded offer that delivered unique solutions and value.


With a clearer understanding of key ‘moments of truth’, and the intersection of the emotional/rational moments within the process, the client was able to transform their internal process and gain market share. The client initiated quick, easy to execute, fixes and began the process of addressing larger more systemic issues that compromised the opportunity to provide outstanding customer experience.

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