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Mapping brand identity to the needs and experiences of users of mental health services


A successful brand identity provides users with a clear sense of the product/service and the experience they can expect. It evokes a positive/compelling image of the provider of that product or services. The client wanted to develop an umbrella brand for a suite of services targeted at a specific audience with lived experience with mental health programs and services for youths and adults.


We designed a qualitative research program to explore the conditions and attributes that constitute a positive service experience within the category. Insights surfaced that helped our client better understand how to be literal and clear while avoiding stigma; how the brand can support navigation of “the system” n – from point of entry to service, from crisis to continuing care; and how branding can contribute to systemic improvements. The umbrella brand would embody the patient values of integrated, interdisciplinary and coordinated care.


Our deliverables supported the client to go beyond simply assessing a brand name to having a much deeper understanding of how a brand identity rooted in lived experience can contribute to a better, more client-centric system.

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