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Assessing brand health and advertising in a global context


A multi-national financial institution needed to move from traditional market research to a more useable management tool while still retaining the integrity of the research. The organization had been conducting an annual study around its brand health, and was receiving a traditional research report.


To support the ongoing understanding of the company’s brand health and overall advertising impact we created a comprehensive tool incorporating new metrics, matrixes and analytics. We introduced advertising evaluation so that results could become integral to the organizations’ Key Performance Indicators. The brand was evaluated in 12 markets in multiple languages in order to assess within the context of the nuances of local market conditions, cultures, language, competitors, sector regulations.

Insights were gathered quarterly from 2,400 respondents in 13 countries, using online and telephone surveys. The surveys measured key brand health metrics and evaluated creative executions comparing the client’s ads to those of competitors.


Insights from the transformed tool have been used extensively to drive more effective marketing creative, resulting in a 30-40% improvement in ad effectiveness scores.

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