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As company co-founder and Managing Partner for over twenty years, Tim’s commanding presence and invaluable leadership grew the firm into one of Canada’s foremost market research and consulting firms.

Where there is darkness and confusion, Tim shines light and brings clarity. Tim will draw out the answers to the questions: What does the research mean and how can it be used in real terms? He is equal parts researcher, manager and trusted business advisor with his work firmly grounded in a deep understanding of client goals and objectives.

Tim delivers a wide range of innovative and strategic research programs for some of Canada’s leading organizations in both the private and public sectors. He is a much-valued mentor and guide to senior executives, boards and management teams on issues related to marketing and sales strategies, consumer engagement, brand management and public affairs.

What’s your passion, Tim?

What can I say? I am passionate about every aspect of the market research business, from pitching new business and working with clients to help them succeed, to the day-to-day management side. I’m always psyched when clients ask us to tackle a complex problem or to look at an issue from a different angle. I love noodling through a difficult challenge. I can be the strategist and the tactician, straddling the space between ground level and 40,000 feet. Clients tell me that I’m savvy. It’s true, I know this field inside out. I take a personal interest in ensuring we drive value throughout the entire research process. When our clients are our number one referral source, we know we’ve done our job.

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