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Pat is a potent blend of analytical muscle and strategic thinking. He is a master at bringing clarity to complex data. His true forte is taking findings and making them easy to access and ultimately usable by the client.

Pat is a principal client liaison and lead investigator on a wide range of studies involving brand development, benchmarking and tracking, usage and attitudes, new product and/or service development, customer and user experience, journey mapping and segmentation research for many of our flagship private and public accounts.

Pat is also a senior methodologist for advanced analytics. His statistical breadth include both descriptive techniques and confirmatory analyses, market segmentation, brand image perceptual mapping, tree and path analysis, trade-off analysis, general linear modeling and graphical summarizations.

What’s your passion, Pat?

After 25 years, I’m still fascinated by the fact that good research allows us to explore something as intangible as public opinion, measure it with a degree of precision, and make sense of it. I find it hugely satisfying to explore data and see patterns and pictures rather than just numbers. I have always been curious by nature. I need to know the how and why. How does it all fit together? That’s what I’m always striving to find out.

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