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Micheline is a lethal mix of charm, doggedness and “get it done” attitude. What can we say – clients love her. Mostly they love how she can skillfully manage complex assignments to an extremely high standard while providing deep strategic insight.

Fluently bilingual, Micheline serves clients from both the private and public sectors ranging from big banks to tier-one telecoms. She helps organizations access sophisticated tools such as continuous tracking and multi-modal research to evaluate marketing efforts and to strategize on how to further a brand or product in a highly competitive marketplace.

With experience in branding, customer loyalty, brand experience, and advertising tracking research, Micheline knows the power of a good brand and the important emotional connections we have to them.

What’s your passion, Micheline?

I am passionate about understanding why people think and feel the way they do. It’s so interesting how two people can view the same advertisement, yet see it slightly differently and have different emotional reactions. I find it curious how humans view very ordinary things – banking, hydro, what soap we use – very differently and have very different thoughts, connections and approaches to these things. The underlying connections we have to what are otherwise mundane aspects of our lives absolutely fascinates me.

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