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Michael is the ideal combination of out-of-the-box thinking and grounded pragmatism. He enjoys challenging assumptions and thrives in complexity. He is a creative force, an intellectual powerhouse and the go-to sounding board for sage advice and reflection.

Michael is a founding partner of The Strategic Counsel. He is the firm’s chief quantitative methodologist and consults on research design, methodologies and analytical issues for our clients’ most complex studies.

His research expertise has focused on studies dealing with public policy, social marketing, branding, communications testing and tracking for a wide variety of clients including all levels of government, government agencies and crown corporations, arts and cultural organizations, as well as associations and not-for-profits.

What’s your passion, Michael?

I like to wrap my head around complex research design issues. I thrive on work that forces me to be creative and stretches my thinking. My favourite clients are the ones that bring us challenging problems where we can really shine and deliver value. Research is more than crunching data. Research can uncover a narrative. I am passionate about taking the cold hard numbers, letting them live and breath to reveal the story within.

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