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Making connections and building relationships is what makes Michael tick. His vast network in the corporate, technology, government and academic communities is both unique and invaluable. He’s persistent and responsive, creative and strategic.

Based in Calgary, Michael is a seasoned business development professional. His work is uniquely positioned at the intersection of the private and public sectors. With extensive experience in the world of innovation and technology commercialization he knows how to support post-secondary and government clients in economic development, market analysis and policy and program assessment. His years of work in Silicon Valley and Washington DC, have acclimatized him to the US business environment.

What’s your passion, Michael?

I like helping clients to “crack the code” and unlock answers to the issues they confront. I’m driven by a desire to diagnose and resolve challenging problems. Well-executed market research – figuring out what and why people are thinking what they are thinking – is at the core of solving problems and tackling opportunities. Working with a team to discover meaning through research to build authentic relationships, develop a viable strategy and collaborate in building real value is highly satisfying.

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