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Marina is a true storyteller. She doesn’t quit at the obvious findings … she’ll dig until the meaningful story unfolds. Sometimes this is paradigm shifting for her clients – that’s what she likes.

Marina is an award winning senior consumer insight and strategy professional, with experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications and Advertising.

She is an influencer, innovator and marketing thinker who helps bring disparate perspectives together to break new ground.

What’s your passion, Marina?

I’m passionate about brand building, the customer and improving the customer experience. I holistically represent a brand’s most valuable customers and give visibility, intention and actionability to their wishes, wants, believes, likes, dislikes, knowledge and confusion. I help drive those voices to the heart of strategy development, the product and service offer and marketing communications. The result is usually an improved ROI for her clients.

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