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Donna is where forces align: intellect, experience, perspective, energy, and a relentless commitment to deliver for clients. She moves mountains as well as yardsticks. With Donna on your team, there is no such thing as business as usual. She sets the bar high and exceeding client expectations is always her game plan.

Donna’s work is mostly focused on public policy but her unique expertise extends to clients in the private sector and includes benchmarking and tracking customer satisfaction and the customer experience, market positioning, branding, investor relations, internal communications and employee engagement.

Donna’s clients seek her fresh insight to understand results from a broader context and a different vantage point. She thinks big-picture while skillfully piecing together meaning and patterns within the research.

What’s your passion, Donna?

It’s pretty simple. My passion is working to understand people – how they think and feel, why they do what they do, and what is the underlying meaning to them? I approach my work like a good dinner party. I enjoy creating the right ambience where people can open up, have a conversation, and delve deeper into their thoughts and feelings. What’s really interesting is exploring why two people do not see things the same way. In our super-charged social media environment, facts are not necessarily facts. It’s important for researchers to add context and understanding. And that’s really what I’m most passionate about – helping my clients position findings within their own organizational realities. There is a real thrill in seeing our clients experience that ‘aha’ moment.

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