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Claire is the newest member of the TSC team, coming to us from the University of British Columbia.  Claire is an explorer by nature – her intellectual curiousity feeds her passion to learn, to always search for and discover new ideas and ways forward.

Claire joined The Strategic Counsel in 2020 as a recent graduate of UBC’s Honours Political Science program where she produced award winning research and graduated at the top of her class. Through her academic endeavors, she has honed her ability to apply cutting edge quantitative and qualitative research methods to her projects.  She is a skilled writer who can translate the most complicated ideas into understandable and meaningful learnings.

What’s your passion, Claire?

For me, it’s about making data accessible to anyone and everyone in a way that cuts through the complexity, discovers the meaning behind the numbers, and translates it into digestible and understandable findings.  I love the journey from data to insight, and I’m passionate about communicating it to my clients in effective ways.

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