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At The Strategic Counsel, kids are characterized as a unique demographic, requiring step-by-step approaches and specialized techniques. Particular care is taken in designing, executing and reporting research conducted with this challenging group.

When undertaking research among kids, our experience has taught us that we need to be very careful in developing the research instrument (be it a survey or a discussion guide) to ensure it is comprehensible and engaging for this young audience. The successful execution of qualitative research requires talented moderators who specialize in engaging children by exercising the right balance of patience and authoritativeness.  The true challenge lies in extracting meaningful learnings from children who often have difficulty staying focused on a single task for a prolonged time period. In quantitative research, it is also important to authenticate responses by verifying that kids, not parents, are completing the surveys.

At the reporting phase, we take tremendous care and diligence in decoding kids’ language and converting children’s insights into meaningful findings.