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Everyone eats and this makes food both a necessity and a pleasure.  The industry that has grown up around these basics of the human condition is large and complex and facing increasingly challenging issues.   The Strategic Counsel has been in the forefront of responding to some of these challenges and especially those dealing with matters of food safety, food nutrition and the geography of where food is produced.   Increasingly, food is becoming a political and social issue and the sector is being forced to deal with issues that are new and complex.   At the same time, consumers are becoming more discerning in terms of the food they want to eat, how that food is produced, where it is from, and how and how far it was transported.  This means that the sector is having to deal with issues relating to the environment, carbon footprints, GMOs, the humane treatment of animals, pesticides use, the slow food movement, the eat local movement,  industrial food productions versus the family farm, fair trade to name a few issues.

In the research we undertake for the food sector, The Strategic Counsel, seeks to bring our understanding of the dynamics of the political and social environment that are having an impact on the consumer to our clients and assist them in understanding how to market to the new consumer consciousness that is emerging when purchasing food.