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Post secondary education is a key value in any information based society, such as Canada.  With well over 250 colleges and universities in Canada, the wide variety of choices available to students means that it is important for post secondary institutions to differentiate themselves from either those in their local catchment area or from others seeking similar types of students.  Colleges and universities also have a wide variety of constituencies that they seek to engage with – this means that their communications and messaging has many audiences.   The end result of these challenges is that market research is an important tool for post secondary institutions as they seek to develop a distinct presence in the post secondary marketplace.

The Strategic Counsel has an extensive and growing education practice.  We have assisted a large number of colleges and universities in helping to more clearly define their position in a crowded marketplace and to communicate this position clearly to their key audiences.   The types of constituencies and research The Strategic Counsel undertakes for post secondary institutions includes the following:


The research services that we provide to post secondary institutions includes the following: