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Research Methodologies

The research professionals at The Strategic Counsel are experts in both qualitative and quantitative research. This comprehensive approach allows us to develop innovative research programs that marry the deep, nuanced understanding associated with qualitative research with the rigor and exactitude of quantitative research.

The result is much better research and insights that inform strategies and drive success.

Qualitative research can be used to define issues, segments, language and lines of questioning for a quantitative study. It can be used to explain and expand on quantitative data. It can provide an in-depth assessment of creative concepts and advertising.  And it can generate ideas for products, positioning, brand strategies and more.

Quantitative research can then be added to the mix for precision, to apply or confirm the qualitative findings, and to extrapolate the results to the broader target population.

Our research techniques are always customized, and may include both Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies. To analyse qualitative results, we use tools such as probing, laddering, projective techniques, analogues and more. And to analyse quantitative results, we use a variety of tools including cross-tabulation, predictive modelling, variance analysis, factor analysis, gap analysis, conjoint/MaxDiff analysis, cluster analysis, perceptual mapping, and structural equation modelling.

Please contact us to learn more about our customized research methodologies, or to discuss your research needs.