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A major international bank needed to explore the service expectations and banking needs of retail customers who rely on non-traditional banks

Challenge:  Our client, looking to launch a new sub-brand in international markets, wanted to understand how to better target potential retail customers who currently rely on credit unions for their everyday banking.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel conducted qualitative research in three international markets in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the banking necessities of retail customers who do not currently employ traditional FIs for their banking needs. Discussions centered around potential banking products, services, and testing the name and logo of the sub-brand. 

Results: The client utilized this research to develop the service offerings of its sub-brand to better address the needs of potential retail customers. The research identified key drivers in choosing a financial institution and the importance of personal face-to-face access for less sophisticated bank users. In addition, this research provided a disaster check for the proposed name and logo for the new institution.