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Developing a framework for a branding strategy for an International Bank

Challenge: The international division of a large financial institution needed to develop an overarching brand strategy across markets with different languages and cultures. They turned to The Strategic Counsel to test the proposed branding and advertising concepts, with the goal of finding a single campaign that would work across markets differing greatly in brand penetration, socio-economic status, culture, and language.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel conducted two waves of qualitative research via focus groups in five target international markets. Strong care was taken to recruit participants of a socio-economic level within the client’s target market while still reflecting the diversity of the markets in culture, language and education.

Results: This research uncovered commonalities and differences among the target markets and identified which advertising concepts best resonated across all markets. These findings guided the development of a final advertising concept. The resulting understanding of how these international markets digest brand communications led to a bolder brand definition.