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Exploring stakeholder values and priorities for the future of Health Care

Challenge:  A provincial ministry was mandated to develop a 10-year strategic plan for healthcare in 2007, shaped by input from a wide range of health stakeholders, including the general public, front line providers, and health care organizations.  The Strategic Counsel applied a number of innovative approaches to this far-reaching, multi-phase consultation process, carefully tailored to the knowledge and experience of a diversity of stakeholders

Solution:  Our research included seven phased components, each with a unique design to better understand reactions to elements of the strategic plan. This included over thirty focus groups in eight regions of the province with a wide variety of stakeholder groups, a province-wide telephone survey, a day-long feedback session attended by representatives from 128 health care organizations; a day of facilitated working groups with Chairs, CEOs and senior management of Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs); fifteen deliberative dialogues (regional consultations) in municipalities; and  content analysis of the key themes raised in emails, letters and faxes relating to the Ministry’s 10-year Strategic Plan on their website.

Results:  The research was used to help develop and devise elements of the plan and then to fine tune the plan.