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Mastering Market Understanding and Brand Tracking

Challenge: The Strategic Counsel has enjoyed a deep and long-standing relationship with a major Canadian telecommunications provider, and has worked with this particular client on numerous quantitative and qualitative research projects on a wide variety of issues since 1995. Currently, TSC is tasked with undertaking all of the key Market Understanding and Brand Tracking research for this client.
This research includes tracking of key market and provider indicators by product (TV, Internet, Home Phone, Wireless, Mobile data and Home Monitoring) across Canada, within particular key markets and against very specific competitive sets. This research is comprised of monthly tracking, and includes a complex Structural Equation analysis to produce predictive models for both purchase intent and customer loyalty/customer engagement. These models help to calibrate the efforts of various marketing, communications and product teams.

Solution: In the cases of the Market Understanding and Brand Tracking study, a rich, online questionnaire is administered to ~10,000 adult respondents and 500 teens each month across Canada (n~31,500 per Quarter / 126,000 per annum).  Sample quotas are established to ensure that the data can be analyzed by service type, provider, region, life-stage and other important demographic, attitudinal and behavioural factors.

Results: This research is used as a background by our client for strategic planning. The results provide clear insight into the ongoing market status for its various services and how to meet acquisition and retention goals. In addition, the research provides the client with insight into consumers attitudes towards and usage of the various services and technologies being offered.