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Fine-Tuning Tips for Travelling Canadians

Challenge:  While more Canadians travel within Canada than do to foreign destinations, for those Canadians traveling abroad, a government department wished to ensure that travellers were aware of and used key information regarding safe travel preparation and practices.  The Strategic Counsel was engaged to survey this relatively low incidence group of the population who do travel outside of Canada, for either business or pleasure in order to capture information needs and the utility of current resources.  The views of travel agents were also sought, particularly in regards to their inclination to share travel information produced by this government department.

Solution: The project rolled out in two phases.  First, The Strategic Counsel conducted a series of 12 focus groups with the traveling public and travel agents.  This was then followed by an intercept survey of 850 Canadian travelers which was conducted in 3 major Canadian airports – Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.  Interviewers were cleared by airport security to screen and interview respondents, selected randomly to ensure a broad mix of travelers going to a mix of destinations, in international waiting areas.

Results:  With the findings from this qual-quant study, the department was able to fine tune its suite of communications products aimed at Canadian travelers and travel professionals, as well as to identify new and cost-effective means of reaching these audiences.