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Re-branding a University

Challenge: Our client, a small liberal arts university, was facing increasing difficulty recruiting the kinds of students that could most benefit from the experience it provided.  Part of the issue appeared to be visibility and the overall image of the university. The Strategic Counsel put together and led a team made up of branding and communications specialists.  The assignment consisted of first better understanding how the university was currently perceived, and secondly to then explore and test various options for re-positioning and re-branding the university.

Solution:  The research undertaken was multi-phased and began with a series of one-on-one interviews with senior staff and faculty in order to identify the perceived challenges facing the university and the options available for re-positioning and re-branding.  This led into a series of focus groups and online surveys with stakeholders – students, faculty and staff, alumni, and potential students.

Results:  The research helped to guide the re-branding and re-positioning and has resulted in a new look and feel for the university and a new way of thinking about itself that has resulted in increased enrolments among key student groups.