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A Major Shipping Company sets out to redefine its brand and positioning

Challenge: The Strategic Counsel was tasked by a major shipping company to help it determine which brand theme or promise and tagline it should adopt moving forward, as it redefines its brand and positioning.  The research had to be designed to effectively capture the required learning among a wide variety of stakeholders, including customers, prospects and employees in English Canada, French Canada and the US.

Solution: A total of three brand themes/promises and 12 potential taglines were tested among customers, prospects and employees in French and English and in Canada and the US.  The survey was comprised of traditional survey measures, as well as a Max-Diff exercise for the 12 potential tag lines.

Results: The research clearly showed which of the three brand promises or themes was most important across the various stakeholder groups and which of the 12 taglines rose to the top in terms of preference and importance. Although findings showed somewhat of a disconnect between the winning brand theme and tagline, it underscored that these did not have to match perfectly as they each represented something different to stakeholders. Based on our research, the company decided to move forward with a new theme and tagline in 2012 as it redefines its brand positioning in the North American shipping market.