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A provincial government needed to understand and monitor public opinion around the tabling of a major annual policy initiative

Challenge: Our client has, for several years, regularly sought input and feedback from the public around the preparation and presentation of its annual policy initiative.  It has been keen to ensure that components of its public policy are understood and that it examines public feedback as it develops and refines specific measures and actions.

Solution: For several years, The Strategic Counsel has delivered a program of research that includes 1) initial qualitative testing to explore public understanding of issues and potential public policy initiatives; and, 2) quantitative testing to ensure a clear and in-depth understanding of public opinion, attitudes and assessments across all regions of the province.

Result: The public opinion research findings have provided important insight into the development and refinement of specific initiatives to ensure clarity and public comprehension. Data findings have also been useful in creating public communications that provide the type of information and context demanded through the research process.