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Canadian National Newspaper/National Television Broadcaster wanted more in-depth media polling

Challenge:   A Canadian National newspaper and national broadcaster wanted more in-depth polling – not just the ‘horse race numbers’, but analysis and insight that would give their audiences a deeper understanding about what was happening in Canadian society and politics.

Solution:  The Strategic Counsel pioneered and launched the first daily election tracking program for major national print and TV media outlets in the 2006 federal election.  Between elections, The Strategic Counsel provided regular in-depth polling to these media outlets which garnered significant profile in a national newspaper and television national news.  In the 2006 election, The Strategic Counsel interviewed almost 25,000 telephone interviews over a fifty-day campaign.

In conjunction with the national newspaper, The Strategic Counsel pioneered the first national survey of Canadian undergraduate students.  With these survey results, this newspaper published ratings of over 50 Canadian universities.

Results:  The national newspaper and broadcaster were able to publish/broadcast the in-depth polling.  The experience and seniority of The Strategic Counsel research team meant that we were able to move fast to produce results in a quickly changing environment.