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Strategizing to meet aggressive business objectives

Challenge:  The client had a very aggressive business target to grow their share of the market.  They turned to research to provide them with consumer insights that would help in developing a strategy to accomplish their goals.  As part of these efforts, the client was looking for a compelling value proposition that would broaden their product appeal.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel undertook a three stage research program:

  1. Innovation Workshops were done among the more creative consumer. Special qualitative techniques were employed by skilled moderators to facilitate a creative environment that generated numerous ideas for potential value propositions.
  2. Focus group discussions were conducted to evaluate and fine-tune the value propositions coming out of the Innovation Workshops.
  3. Finally, quantitative research was done to identify and size potential market segments and quantify consumer response to potential value propositions.

Results:  The findings were used by the client in determining their new value proposition and valuable consumer insights gained from the research helped in the development of a consumer focussed marketing strategy.