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Measuring institutional commitment to Ontario produced foods

Challenge:  Broader public sector (BPS) institutions (including hospitals, long term care facilities, colleges and universities, schools, and child care centres) spend approximately $745 million a year purchasing food for feeding those accessing various institutions.  At the time of the study it was not known what proportion of this is Ontario produced food.  This has become an important issue in recent years as interest in locally produced food has increased, as has the desire to support farmers and the local economy.

Solution:  Given that this type of research had not been undertaken previously, a pilot project was initially undertaken to develop and test the viability of the proposed approach.   This then led to the full scale study involving over 600 BPS institutions. The study involved six distinct phases that led to estimates of the size of the market for Ontario produced foods across all major BPS institutions.

Results: This study was the first of its kind to establish a benchmark. The results are being used to communicate the value of locally produced food to the Ontario economy and to promote the use of locally produced foods on the part of BPS institutions.