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Assessing a New Online Application

Challenge:  A major telecommunications company turned to The Strategic Counsel for usability testing of a new online application designed to allow customers and consumers to interact with the company online. Through this application, customers and consumers could customize their own package of services.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel held 20 focus group sessions in the U.S., each with up to 26 participants. An additional 22 participants were recruited to complete the online survey and application test on an individual basis. This was complemented with an online survey of 426 customers, who undertook an exploration of the application, completed a follow-up survey and finally, took part in a brief 15 to 20 minute group discussion on their experience using the application.

Results: The research measured the application’s impact on customers’ likelihood to consolidate their telecommunications services. It explored customers’ ability to interact with and use the application, and gathered information on areas of potential improvement or refinement. Furthermore, it assessed the likelihood that customers would use the application if it were available.