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A major international computer manufacturer required testing of internal, employee communications among more than 50,000 employees worldwide

Challenge: Our client is one of the leading PC manufacturers and distributors in the world. It needed to understand the effectiveness of its internal communications materials and activities to ensure that employees world-wide understood the company’s mission and activity in a highly competitive marketplace.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel designed an on-line survey that tested awareness,  assessments and effectiveness of a variety of communications materials (images, video, audio) in conveying key company messages. The study was undertaken in eight languages world wide among thousands of employees.

Results: Employee participation in the survey over several years has been notably high. The survey findings have led the company to undertake revisions and adjustments to its internal communications to better align them with external advertising and communications and to ensure that all versions and languages of the communications deliver a consistent message. At the same time, the survey has been a successful communications vehicle in its own right, generating substantial positive feedback from employees stemming from their ability to participate and express their views about the company and its objectives.