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A national association explores its performance among its members and stakeholders

Challenge:  In order to continue to be relevant and valued as an organization, an association has been undertaking annual research to explore a number of facets of its performance, including its perceived effectiveness in representing it members and the value it provides to the membership.  Further, it has commissioned research to understand how the services its members provide to the marketplace are evaluated.

Solution:  Two methodologies have been used to explore stakeholder opinions.  The first is an annual online study among members of the association and students who are in the process of pursuing certification in the field that the association represents.  The second is a nationwide telephone study administered to decision-makers in businesses nationwide who use the services of the association’s membership.

Results:  The results have been used to identify areas where communications can be improved, to identify member services that need to be either marketed more effectively or evaluated internally to establish how they can better cater to the needs of members, and to develop strategic planning initiatives that will allow the profession to deliver educational and professional credentials that meet industry needs.