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Research leads to an electrifying cultural shift

Challenge: A local utility was seeking to re-position its current brand and to better understand the key pillars, both current and aspirational, that underpin its corporate reputation. The goal was to provide direction into the development of a strategic framework for the organization.

Solution: The Strategic Counsel developed a phased program of qualitative and quantitative research among residential and commercial customers across all key business lines. Focus groups and one-on-one telephone interviews illuminated additional brand pillars, beyond those legacy attributes which are usually associated with a utility.  These were followed up with a series of quantitative surveys of customers to gauge brand perceptions and uncover principal drivers of trust and customer satisfaction.

Results: The findings offered important insights into the nature of current customer relationships, including strengths, weaknesses and possible “frictional” points. In some key areas, the findings were contrary to the client’s assumptions, clearly indicating the need for investments in improved customer service, communications and community relations.  The research clearly indicated the need for the company to move beyond its traditional brand image and to explore strategies that would re-orient the organization as customer-oriented and progressive.

Further, the research has assisted the senior management team in bringing greater focus to their business planning by identifying areas of opportunity for the organization.