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A major North American Transportation Company faced significant brand/reputational challenges

Challenge:   Our client has been at the forefront of its industry.  It has implemented an aggressive business model which created some reputational issues with its key stakeholders in Canada and United States.   These brand/reputational issues were causing challenges to its business model.

Solution:  The Strategic Counsel undertook the following:  1) focus groups in key markets, 2) one-on-one interviews with senior government officials (Washington, Ottawa, and provincial capitals), media, financial analysts, politicians, community leaders, interest groups, and 3) local community leader/residents surveys in 30 US and Canada markets.

Results:   The research had a significant impact on the client:  it undertook a major community relations program in markets where its reputational scores were particularly low; it has sharply increased its local philanthropic initiatives; and it has moved aggressively to fix relations with major clients and improve its interactions with government.