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A national association wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of its ad campaign.

Challenge: Since 2000, The Strategic Counsel has been tracking the advertising campaigns for a Canadian association.  Specifically, the association wanted to evaluate the paid advertising it commissioned in terms of ad awareness and message recall.

Solution:  The Strategic Counsel has undertaken point-in-time advertising evaluation studies on behalf of the association.  For the most part, each evaluation involves quantitative research using a two-stage approach.  Generally, a pre-flight wave has been undertaken to establish a baseline measure prior to the television airing of the ad.  Once the ad campaign has been on-air for a specified period of time, The Strategic Counsel conducted the post-flight wave.

Results: In each of the tracking vehicles there has been a focus on unaided and aided proven recall due to the limited competitive environment.  Message take-away in one of the campaigns was identified to be weaker than anticipated.  As such, the next campaign was revised to more effectively communicate this positioning theme.  Qualitative pre-resting of the new execution aided in developing what became one of the association’s most effective executions since tracking began.