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Micheline Ross, Senior Associate

Micheline Ross joined The Strategic Counsel in 2001, bringing with her a strong background in public policy research and packaged goods. She began her career conducting research for government on a diversity of issues including employment equity, youth employment, labour laws, children’s health, and youth exchanges.

She later decided to put her business skills to the test at Procter and Gamble where she led several innovative research programs that looked at children and young mothers. Her work included ethnographic research to understand children’s online practices and the influence of parents and siblings on those practices. She also led a research program to understand how a family’s needs evolve over time as their babies grow into school-aged children.

At The Strategic Counsel, Micheline’s experience working on the client side has given her the ability to understand the pressures faced by her clients. Micheline has also gained a reputation for being able to manage complex projects. Recent examples of her work include quantitative and qualitative research with children, longitudinal survey research, and running a quarterly multi-country and multi-language advertising tracker. She primarily works for clients in the broadcasting, banking and public sectors, and is based in Ottawa.

In her spare time, Micheline manages the Rotary Youth Exchange for the Rotary Club of Orleans. Micheline enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, running and skating. She is waiting patiently for the day that her young children are old enough to enjoy those activities with her.