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Michael Sullivan, Partner

Michael’s career encompasses a wide range of experience, including academic research and university teaching, experience on the client side as a manager of research for a major corporation and, prior to co-founding The Strategic Counsel, 10 years as a senior executive with Decima Research.

He is deeply interested in social and economic issues and their impact on the public mindset and how this in turn affects the choices people make in their lives. In addition, Michael is the main research design and methodological specialist for the company and has been involved in the design of most of the major projects we have undertaken.  This has included: the largest study to date of the cultural industries in Canada; a large Canada/US study on differences between the two societies regarding values and attitudes related to entrepreneurship and innovation; a major study facilitating the development of a strategic plan for healthcare for a provincial government ministry; a large study designed to identify new markets and customer segments  for a major museum, and significant studies for a variety of universities assisting them in differentiating their positioning in the post secondary education marketplace.    

Michael’s enthusiasm, expertise and insight as a researcher bring considerable resources to clients. Such organizations as WilfredLaurierUniversity, ConcordiaUniversity, Luminato, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Institute for Citizen-Centered Services and the Ontariogovernment have all benefited from having his informed and in-depth input on projects.  His areas of substantive expertise include: education, public policy, health care, arts, culture and entertainment, food, tourism, and media.  He is also very interested in research issues relating to branding and the use of segmentation type analysis in defining new audiences or customers.  In recent years he has become fascinated with how people use social media and how it is reshaping and interaction and lifestyles.       

At home, Michael is a voracious reader, both print and online, and his interests range from consciousness studies to the impact of biological factors on the behaviour of individuals and groups to food and wine.  Michael also has a great interest in arts and culture and believes that some of the popular songs and music of the last 50 years is as profoundly groundbreaking and heart opening as anything by earlier classical composers, like Beethoven or Schubert.