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A full-service market research firm, The Strategic Counsel was founded in 1995 by partners who believed that research was blind without insight into how clients can put the results to work. That’s why we approach every research project with the strategic understanding, nuanced thinking and rigorous analysis that lead to true insight.

Now a 30-person company with headquarters in Toronto and an office in Ottawa, The Strategic Counsel develops customized research programs for clients in a range of industry sectors, including financial services, retail and consumer products, arts and entertainment, government and policy development, information & communications technology, media and broadcast, education, energy, food, healthcare and transportation & logistics.

From brand tracking and customer experience to reputation assessments, policy and social issues research and employee research, clients turn to The Strategic Counsel for the full range of research services.

Our unique “council” approach harnesses the experience and expertise of the entire team. By bringing our collective experience and varied perspectives to bear on each client’s research project, we provide innovative, well-considered research programs and results that include insights, recommendations and implications drawn from our extensive experience as social researchers and marketing professionals.

This intelligent, insightful approach has lead to The Strategic Counsel’s enduring success in the industry and to many long-lasting relationships with a wide variety of valued clients.

Please contact us to learn more about our company, or to discuss your research needs.